PTO Information

The Top 10 Reasons to Get Involved!
  1. Your child benefits. Research shows that when parents get connected to their school, children do better. Better grades, better performance on tests, and fewer discipline problems at school.
  2. We make a difference. We strive to create the kind of school community where our teachers and staff can do their best work and so can our children. We provide the resources and support that they need and we help to create learning opportunities for our children.
  3. We have fun AND get the job done. Volunteer work should not be mundane or dreaded. We laugh a lot (usually at ourselves).
  4. Meet nice people who share your concerns. We are all unique and bring different perspectives to the table, but we are all in this for the same reason. We all want to provide the best possible educational experience for our children.
  5. There is a lot to be done. Our school is asked to do more with less. Our PTO not only provides financial assistance to our school, but we provide necessary volunteers to keep many of the fun activities going on year after year. 
  6. We have jobs for everyone. Finances to creativity and everywhere in between. We encourage new ideas and are thrilled to have people willing to take on tasks that mesh with their skills, interests and availability. 
  7. You get "that" feeling. There are very few things more rewarding than the smiles (or hugs) of children who benefit from your involvement or the pride you feel when you know you've made a difference at our school.
  8. Music videos (are optional....seriously). But if you want to try new things or step outside your comfort zone, we can certainly help with that. 
  9. See the big picture. Being involved will give you the opportunity to learn more about what's going on in our school and understand how things work.
  10. We really need you. Every year parents rotate in and out of important roles in our PTO. If we don't get enough help then we will have to discontinue some of the fun activities we (the PTO) plan for our kids.
PTO By-Laws 
 Click here to read the by-laws of the Crabapple Lane Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization.