Red Ribbon Week-> October 23-30th!

Red Ribbon week is October 23-27th
Children are encouraged to dress up and participate in this awareness week promoting healthy life choices. 


Monday: “REDy for a Bully and Drug Free Life”- Wear red from head to toe

Tuesday: “Be a Hero and Stand Up To Bullying and Drugs”- Wear camouflage clothing or a superhero shirt

Wednesday: “Team Up Against Bullying and Drugs”- Wear university, team or sport jerseys

Thursday: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully or Do Drugs”- Dress as a twin or like a friend

Friday: "Our School Rocks by Banding Together Against Bullying and Drugs" – Dress as a rock star or wear your favorite singer/band shirt

Remember that all outfits must still comply with the dress code!

*No weapons nor props allowed

*No masks nor make-up

*Your outfit must be safe for play at recess and PE (Proper Shoes).


Art to Remember

Mark your calendars! Students have been working really hard on a special art project at school, and are getting ready to show it to you soon! Crabapple Lane has teamed up with Art to Remember to transfer these works of art onto keepsake products like mugs, phone cases, and key chains! Students will bring home order forms in mid-October with their artwork printed on the form and then you can choose keepsakes you like for yourself or as gifts for family and friends! The deadline for purchases is October 25, 2017. Click here for more details.